Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

The majority of the really tough labor in a hardwood floor process certainly comes during the installation, but it’s far from the only work necessary. It’s easy to forget that after your flooring is installed, you still have maintenance and upkeep duties – some of the time, these involve some pretty hard work.

At Gate Hardwood Floors, we provide both professional installation of custom hardwood floors and a comprehensive plan for caring for your specific floor once it’s installed. We leave you with maintenance products tailored to your floor, and instructions on how to use them.

There are plenty of basic ways to prevent wear and other issues for all general types of hardwood floors, though, and many are simple common sense.

Basic Care

The very simplest ways to care for your hardwood floors are also some of the most important. Regular vacuuming or sweeping (with approved materials, of course) prevents the kind of basic dirt buildup that can often lead to more serious issues down the line, for instance.

Basic maintenance isn’t only about cleaning, however. Too many UV rays on certain kinds of hardwood can create warping and other issues, so it’s a good idea to use good window coverings and block too much direct sunlight. Also, as wood can age gradually over time, every so often you’ll want to rearrange things like rugs and other furniture so that your floors will age evenly.

What to Avoid

There are a few general practices and habits to try and avoid with your hardwood floors:

  • Don’t walk on it with heels or spikes from shoes like cleats
  • Don’t use cleaners with acrylics or urethane polish
  • Don’t use oil-based soaps or wax to clean
  • In fact, it’s generally preferable to never use water or liquid to clean hardwood floors
  • Don’t use harsh or metal scouring pads or scouring powders

Preventative Measures

A big part of the game with hardwood floor maintenance is simply preventing some of the most common issues that might develop over the years. A few tips in this area:

  • Wipe spills immediately with clean cloths
  • Use high-quality mats and rugs in areas where people walk often, plus use protective pads on the bottoms of furniture
  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed and clean
  • For tougher substances like gum or candle wax, use ice to help harden the substance and the scrape it with a plastic card or scraper. Do not use metal scrapers, and don’t push too hard – you might scratch the surface.
  • Wood shrinks during heating seasons – use a humidifier to help slow this process

Our expert customer service professionals at Gate Hardwood Floors are standing by if you want to learn more. We’re a premier hardwood flooring contractor in Orange County, with products guaranteed for life!

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