Tips for Selecting the Color of Your Hardwood Floor

So, you’re looking for a new custom hardwood floor from Gate Hardwood Floors, Inc. You know we have a huge selection of hardwood flooring colors, ranging from very light to extremely dark finishes, and you know our products come with the quality and pricing you expect from an industry leader.

What you may not know, though, is how to go about selecting your colors. This isn’t just as simple as saying “I like that one” and moving on – there are real considerations to this process, and the wrong decisions might have larger ramifications than you had imagined. Here are some tips for selecting the color of your hardwood flooring.


Many people consider the color of their flooring without even giving a second thought to light in the room, and this is a serious mistake. A color may look wonderful as you view it online or in a store, but it could look completely different for hours a day depending on how natural and man-made light in the home interact with it.

If possible, try to view samples of your color in every room you’re putting it in – and at multiple times of day so you can get a great idea for how light will interact with it throughout a given 24-hour period.

Room Size

Dark tones tend to make rooms feel cozier and a bit smaller, where lighter tones can generally give off a spacious vibe and give people the feeling of a very open room. Consider these factors relative to the actual size of your room, plus how you want it to feel for both yourself and any potential guests.

Overall Template

It’s important to remember that while a hardwood floor is a vital part of any room, it’s not the only part – and it needs to be arranged in cohesion with other important areas. Color schemes need to match the room as a whole, and this means any furniture or appliances as well.

If you’re selecting a hardwood floor before you’ve decided on other items in the room, know that how you choose might influence what’s available to you later when you move other items in. On an even more general note, many people use individual rooms as part of a larger overall house scheme, and hardwood floors are an important element here as well.

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