Care Maintenance

Hardwood Floor Maintenance, Cleaning & Care

Tips and Advice for Care & Maintenance of your Wooden Floor

A properly finished wood floor is very easy to keep clean and in pristine condition – unlike carpet, lino or other types of flooring that are easily stained, scuffed or worn.

If your new hardwood floor has been installed by professionals then you should have been provided with the necessary substances to maintain the floor, together with specific instructions on how to use them. It is important that you use only the products provided / recommended; you can damage your floor’s finish and void the guarantee by using the wrong ones.

Here are some general tips on keeping any wooden floor looking great and at its best. Following these rules diligently will ensure that you do not need to get your new floor coated, waxed or refinished any sooner than absolutely necessary.

Dirt, Grit and Sand

Brought in on people’s shoes, these are the most common cause of premature aging in any floor surface including hardwood flooring. So, have heavy-duty mats to trap them at all entrances to the property, and preferably just inside all doors too (small rugs or carpet offcuts will also do a fair job inside). Don’t forget to clean these regularly; they are ‘filters’ for your floor and will not work well if clogged up. And don’t forget to vacuum (using the brush attachment), sweep, or dry mop your floor regularly. Avoid cleaning sprays as these can spoil your floor’s finish.

Ultra Violet (UV) light

UV light (which is part of sunlight) has an effect on wood and also many wood finishes. If it is exposed to significant amounts of bright light a wood floor will fade. Part of the natural beauty of a hardwood floor is the fact that its appearance will change over time, but to stop any uneven patches on your floor be sure to move rugs around, and consider blinds on windows that receive plentiful sunlight.

Furniture & Shoes

Furniture legs (wood, metal or plastic) may scratch your floor; furniture with metal or hard plastic casters on may dent it. We recommend using non-marking rubber casters, barrel-type roller casters, and felt pads to protect the floor. And beware of shoes, especially high heels. Grit can be caught in the tread of shoes, and heels with a worn protective cap will dent even the hardest of floors.

Food and Drink

Should go without saying, but don’t leave wet food or drinks on the floor for any period of time. Wipe up any food or drink that gets spilt quickly. If you need to use a moist cloth or mop for a sticky spill, use a paper towel or dry cloth to wipe dry afterwards.