The Process – Choosing a Company

Choosing a Hardwood Flooring Company

Choosing a hardwood flooring company in today’s environment can be a difficult decision with all of the different wood flooring products that are available, custom options and pricing. Then on top of all of that, you will need choose a hardwood-flooring contractor that is knowledgeable of these products and trade standards, so that he or she can provide each their customers a quality wood floor installation and or refinishing. Wood floors are not only an aesthetic part of your living or work space, they are a functional part of your home or business. With wood being a hydro-scopic material, it is sensitive to moisture and the elements that surrounding it. Over one billion dollars worth of wood flooring is lost every year to improper installation practices and environmental issues.

At Gäte Hardwood Floors we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable of our craft and offer superior service to our clients. So before choosing a hardwood flooring contractor, you should ask yourself a few important questions.

1) Don’t I want a professional to furnish and install my floors, someone that will see to every aspect of the project for me?

Meaning that they will come out and assess the site for me, take the measurements, deliver, install and provide me with the information that I will need to care for and maintain my new floors. This scope of work is all-inclusive, and is provided by specialists in the hardwood flooring industry. As with anything of quality, it can cost a little bit more, but guarantees you peace of mind. Knowing that craftsmen will be doing the work. This is our recommendation at Gäte. This means they will survey the site, measure up, deliver, install, guarantee both the materials and installation, and provide detailed instructions on how to look after the new floor.

2) Another option is to have your general contractor furnish and install the wood floor for you.

Again this can be less expensive, but you want to know who is going to be doing the wood floor installation. Are they skilled wood floor technicians, or are they general laborers? As I had mentioned at the beginning of this topic, there are several factors that can cause you to loose your wood floor do to cupping, buckling, gapping and lifting off of the subfloor altogether. Was the sub straight checked to insure it was flat within the manufacturers standards, were sufficient moisture readings taken, was the floor acclimated properly in appropriate conditions? This is why it is so important to hire a professional hardwood floor installation and refinishing contractor such as Gäte.

3) And still another option is to go out, find a floor that you like and then purchase the floor yourself.

At that point, either the distributor of the flooring material will refer an installer to you, or you will go about to find one yourself. This option could be slightly cheaper, yet it can be a problem for you later on down the road, and you will be stuck with a floor that does not work.

4) Lastly, you can always purchase the material and do the installation yourself.

Of course this would be your least expensive option, but this will only hold true if you can install the floors correctly while being away of the different variables involved in doing so. You may in fact find that you have done a fairly good job putting the floors in, only to watch them come apart weeks or months later. In which case will have been anything but your least expensive option, but the most expensive one. At which point you can always call the professionals at Gäte Hardwood Floors to come out and remedy the situation with the removal and installation of all new hardwood floors. And finally… If you do choose to go with a hardwood flooring contractor that can provide you with an all-inclusive scope of work, then make sure they are both providing as well as installing and or finishing your hardwood floors. So many companies today who claim to supply and install the wood flooring for you subcontract out the installation portion of the work, which can become problematic if the floor fails. Generally these subcontractors can only be held liable for the cost of their bond (12k) and nothing more. When you pay your deposit, make sure that you read the contract and check that it states that the price you are paying is an all inclusive price. That way there will be no surprises when it is time to pay the balance.