The Process – Common Problems

Common Wood Floor Problems

Wood floor problems

The two most common problems people seem to experience with their wood floors are

  • A) they are not satisfied with the quality of the installation of their wood floors
  • B) the finish did not hold up to their expectations based on what they were told to expect.

Quality of Installation

The quality of your wood floor installation starts with the sub straight preparation and continues all the way through to the finished floor. It is suggested that you, or your project supervisor inspect and approve each step of the process to insure that the work is being done to your standards. Quite often a hardwood flooring company will be hired to do the work, expecting that they are capable at the trade and left unsupervised, only to find out after the floors have been installed that the company hired was not qualified or experienced enough for the project.

If at this point you are unhappy with any part of the installation, sanding and finishing of your wood floors, we suggest that you call the shop or office of the hardwood flooring company that did the work and request that a project manager come out to the site and go over your concerns. It is best that you make a list prior to their arrival so as to efficiently address and remedy any and all problems. This is the time to discuss any concerns that you may have, and not at a later time.

This particular practice is not uncommon. A professional hardwood flooring company should be able to accommodate reasonable requests and make the corrections in a timely manner, with little to no inconvenience to you or your project. There are situations were time will be needed to make any corrections or adjustments, these can be legitimate and not cause too much concern. It is important that all parties communicate well and be reasonable in managing expectations. If this is not possible, an independent party may be needed in order to proceed any further.

This should be someone who is (a) regarded as an expert in hardwood flooring, (b) agreed on by both parties, and (c) designated to make a decision that will be considered final and that both parties agree to abide by.

Your Floor’s Performance

After a period of months or years you find that your floor’s performance has not held to reasonable expectations, you will want to call the hardwood flooring company that sold, installed or refinished your hardwood floors. This task will be much less complicated if the same company provided each of these services. Set up a day and time for a project supervisor to come out and inspect your floor, addressing any concerns that you may have. Below are some of the more common performance related issues and their cause.

Common performance problems

  • The varnish wearing away too quickly
  • The boards cupping or bowing
  • Gaps appearing between the boards
  • Lifting boards
  • Discoloration

Common causes of these problems

  • Poor acclimation of the wood
  • Incorrect installation
  • Poor site conditions at time of installation
  • Poor maintenance
  • Poor site conditions after installation

A professional hardwood flooring contractor will have records that will show how long the wood was acclimated for, what the site conditions were like prior to and during installation and will be able to provide you with exact installation methods used, which will make diagnosis of the problem much easier. If you are unhappy with the recommendations of your hardwood-flooring contractor, then an independent flooring consultant is probably the best way to proceed.