The Process – Maintenance

Wood Floor Care & Maintenance

Wood floors are extremely easy to clean, maintain and looking new through the years. Here are few important tips to make note of during and after the process.

Depending on the circumstances in which your wood floors are being installed or refinished, a new home or a remodeling project, you may want to have Gäte protect your new investment with a protective covering such as ram board (cardboard) or a thick paper that has no added colors or dyes (builder paper). Additional protection such as mason night is suggested where appliances or large pieces are being moved across the floor. This will prevent the wood floor from being damaged. It is equally important to note that there may be curing time needed before the correct tape (3M blue tape with orange label #2080)) can be placed directly on the floor. We suggest having Gäte install these protective coverings in order not to damage the floor in doing so, while insuring that the covering will remain in place until the project is complete.

If your floors have just been sanded and finished in place, and painters are coming in to apply a final coat of paint, please take note of the following. Painters will NOT be able to cover the wood floors with plastic. While the finish is curing, moisture needs to evaporate in order not to etch or stain the floor. Breathable materials such as tarps, paper or cardboard can be used to protect the floors. Tape use on the floors is not recommended or warrantied by any finish manufactures or Gäte Hardwood Floors. Painters will not be able to tape directly to the floor for seven days following the final coat of finish. It is strongly recommended that painters tape to the baseboards alone. If tape is to be used on the floors, it should be 3M blue tape with the orange label (#2080). When removing any tape from the floor, care should be taken in order to not remove finish.

At the top of our clients concerns today is the fading of their new wood floors. Ultra Violet (UV) light which emanates from the sun can have an adverse affect on wood, stains and finishes, all of which can and will fade to different degrees and at different rates depending on the location and circumstance. This fading can happen as quickly as weeks or months if proper protection from the direct sunlight is not taken.. Part of the natural beauty of a hardwood floors is the fact that its appearance will change over time, but to stop any uneven patches on your floor be sure to move rugs around, and consider awnings, blinds, curtains or window treatments such as UV inhibiting tints on windows that receive plentiful sunlight.

Dirt, sand and grit are the second leading cause for wood floors to wearing prematurely. Floor mats at doorways or in high traffic, pivoting locations such as in front of sinks and refrigerators will greatly reduce these from damaging the floors. These should be washed regularly. Also, you will want to vacuum (using a bristle head brush) and or sweep or dry mop your floors regularly to prevent dirt and sand from scratching your floors. DO NOT use any cleaning products on your floors unless recommended by the finish manufacturer. Many of the cleaning products found on the shelves today have chemicals in them such as wax, acrylics and oils that will prevent the adhesion of any maintenance coats of finish that will be needed in the future.

Furniture legs and/or shoes (plastic, metal and wood) can scratch and dent your floor. We suggest using a good quality protective felt or padding on all pieces of furniture. High heels can also cause dents and bruising to the hardest specie of wood floor if not kept in good condition. Liquids such as wine, fruit juice or pet urine can stain wood finishes quickly and should be wiped up immediately.

In your initial estimate we have included in the description of materials to be used, the name of the finish and its manufacturer. We have also provided below the names and links to the websites of these finish manufacturers and their specific instructions and the materials needed to clean and maintain your floor. It is important that you use only the products provided / recommended; you can damage your floor’s finish and void the guarantee by using the wrong ones. Following these rules diligently will ensure that you do not need to get your new floor coated, waxed or refinished any sooner than absolutely necessary.