The Process

Hardwood Flooring Guide: Choosing and Installing a Real, Natural Wood Floor

Here’s our guide to choosing, purchasing, and installing a real, natural hardwood floor, written by the wood experts at Gäte Hardwood Floors.As someone interested in a hardwood floor, you’re faced with a number of potentially difficult questions: are you sure a natural wood floor is right for your property; what type of floor is best for you; who should supply the wood; who should install the floor; what can you expect from your new floor and how can you best look after it?

Buying a real hardwood floor can be difficult and stressful – and you will almost certainly get conflicting advice from all sorts of people. The key thing to remember is that as long as the job is done properly by qualified installers then you have nothing to worry about. With that in mind, we hope you find this guide useful.

We wish you well in your search; it may be long, but the perfect hardwood floor is certainly worth the investment of both your time and money!

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