Who We Serve – Real Estate Agents

Hardwood Flooring Contractor Serving Orange County Real Estate Agents

Gäte Hardwood Floors, Inc. is a full-service, and licensed hardwood flooring company with more than 30 years of experience serving real estate agents and property managers throughout Orange County. Our pricing is always fair and competitive, which is why we receive the majority of our business from returning customers and referrals.

Hardwood Flooring Services Developed Specifically for Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Having worked with Orange County realtors and property managers for over three decades, we’ve become very familiar with their unique needs and expectations. We apply this knowledge and experience to provide personalized services and recommendations that add value, save time, and reduce expenses. Additionally, we go above and beyond to be flexible, reliable, and readily available, because we know these qualities are particularly critical in their line of work.

We offer our clients in the real estate industry a wide range of cost-effective options for the maintenance or improvement of the wood floors in the properties they manage or are trying to sell. For an old, worn wood floor, our refinishing techniques will revive its appearance and condition by highlighting the wood’s natural beauty. We can also use hand scraping or wire brushing to add texture, or apply a unique color and finish to create a new, updated look. In addition to refinishing, we protect wood floors and keep them looking their best with professional wood floor maintenance services. If needed, we will expertly design and install wood flooring according to your exact specifications and budget. No matter which wood flooring service you are looking for, you’ll always get excellent results at a fair and honest price.

Call Gäte Hardwood Floors today to learn more about our wood floor installation, refinishing, and maintenance services and ask about our program specifically designed to show how much we appreciate our repeat clientele.