The Process – Why a Wood Floor

Why a Wood Floor?

There are a multitude of reasons why considering new hardwood floors for your home or business is wise. Besides the warmth and beauty hardwood floors bring to any space, there are significant advantages in using wood as your floor covering. As longs as you use a qualified, professional hardwood flooring contractor in the installation and maintenance of your real hardwood floors, they will last last throughout your lifetime and those of your children and grandchildren.

Carpet will become dirt and stain easily. The cleaning, maintenance and replacement cost of carpet can begin to stack up quickly and become more trouble than it is worth. In regards to making good financial sense, hardwood floors are highly desired in the real estate market buy both would be tenants and potential purchasers alike, and can be refinished without much trouble or expense to better suite better suite the occupants. Saving them the trouble and expense of having to completely remove and replace the floors.

The health benefits are tremendous. Alleviating yet one more breading ground for bugs and insects such as dust mites. These tiny insects are extremely small and not visible to plain sight. Yet, they thrive in the bedding, couches, CARPET, clothes and children’s toys. These tiny bugs diet consist of the dead skin that fall from us humans daily, as well as those of our pets. These dust mites have skin themselves that sheds. This can cause allergic reactions as badly as those caused by pollen.

As anyone who suffers from these allergic reactions would know, the affects can be extremely uncomfortable. Swelling, irritated eyes, runny nose and asthma attacks are just a few of the symptoms of allergies caused by these insects. To rid your home of these all together is quite difficult if not impossible. Yet by installing new hardwood floors in your home or business, you can greatly minimize their numbers, reducing the air born allergens that cause these discomforts for so many people.

My parents had bought their first home in 1979. Shortly there after my mom began complaining about all of the time she had to spend trying to scrub out the dirt or stains in the carpet caused by us kids. It wasn’t long before my dad decided it was in his best interest to install new wood floors in our home. The floors were extremely easy to clean and maintain through the years. As far as my Dad was concerned, the results were well worth the investment.

From a financial standpoint, you cannot do better than hardwood floors. As the wood slowly patinas over time they will only increase in value rather than depreciate like other floor coverings. Wood floors are more than just a functional surface; hardwood floors can be a creative statement reflective of the owners or occupants and their lives. Wood floors are an investment, something that will attract friends and family, potential tenants and buyers alike. You can do any number of things to a real hardwood floor to customize them to your particular taste or style.

Wood floors are sustainable and environmentally friendly. If cared for properly, these floors can last for several hundred years. We have examples of them all over the world. They reduce the numbers of air born allergens that can cause pour health, while improving the quality of the air you breath. There is neither need for harsh cleaning chemicals when caring for your wood floors, nor the need to spend hour after hour scrubbing the dirt and grim away. This will make for a more harmonious household if you have children or pets and a pleasant environment for friends and family.

At Gäte Hardwood Floors, the environment – both that inside your home, and that of the wider world in which we all live – is most important. The comfortable feel of real wood flooring conveys a clean and natural impression. It is therefore in our interest that all the raw materials we use are from well-managed forestry where nature’s long-term balance is sustained. Choosing from the wide range of floors allows a number of environmentally friendly options, such as engineered wood and solid woods either prefinished or a custom finish that suites your particular needs. At Gäte our floors are durable, healthy, and made to your taste. These are just a few reasons why we are so passionate about hardwood flooring.