Wood Floor Installation

At Gäte Hardwood Floors, we are committed to helping our clients achieve the wood floors of their dreams, whether they are interested in a classically beautiful, affordable wood plank floor or a custom-designed wood floor made from an exotic wood in a basket weave pattern with intricate inlays and medallions.

Our expertly installed wood floors elevate the overall visual appearance of a home or business, can potentially last for hundreds of years when properly maintained, and typically increase the property’s value. All of our wood floors are designed and installed by our own extremely talented wood artisans who have decades of experience working on wood flooring projects for homeowners, property management companies, business owners, building contractors, interior designers, and architects. Because of their extensive knowledge and highly refined skills, you can trust that we will use high-quality materials, time-tested techniques, Old World craftsmanship, and the industry’s leading practices for wood floor construction. Call today to schedule your free on-site consultation.

Subfloor Leveling & Preparation for Hardwood Flooring

Gäte Hardwood Floors also provides comprehensive subfloor leveling services. If there is an existing subfloor, we will start by removing and disposing of all existing floor coverings and associated debris, and then evaluating the condition of the existing subfloor. We utilize a state-of-the-art precision laser level to execute any necessary concrete substrate modifications such as grinding and filling, with the goal of making the substrate as flat as possible. In addition, we also evaluate the substrate for any moisture issues, which we then remediate by installing a variety of innovative moisture barrier systems. After that, we will either lay the wood flooring directly over the foundation slabs or over a hardwood floor underlayment system, such as plywood or OSB subfloors. Only by taking the required time and effort to create a solid foundation for your new installation are we able to deliver long-lasting, durable wood floors of superior quality.

Wood Stair Fabrication and Installation

The owner at Gäte Hardwood Floors has decades of experience fabricating and installing wood stairs for residential and commercial clients throughout Orange County. As a result, you can trust that we know how to deliver beautifully crafted wood stairs to complement your interiors and any existing wood floors. To achieve the best results, our artisans typically work with unfinished wood that can be cut into custom fitted stair treads and risers. This wood is expertly installed on top of plywood and then sanded, stained, and finished according to the industry’s leading practices.